Friday, September 6, 2013

Officially on Paleo for 2 months

So, I can't believe that it's been two months since I've started paleo, and I can't be any happier, and I am never going back to the way I use to eat. I've seen some great results and I have not gotten bored at all so far. When I first started paleo, I was sure with all diets that I've been on in the past that I would hate it, get bored fast and want to cheat.

Coming up on two months it's been the total opposite and I am going strong. I totally don't feel like I am depriving myself at all. There are so many different paleo friendly recipes, that you can't get bored, and I have yet to WANT a cheat meal or snack. A lot of my friends can vouch for me that my will power to saying no to temptation is amazing.

I've been to a few parties over these past two months and there have been lots of foods there that I would usually over-indulge in but was able to just say no and move on. It's totally a great feeling. I'm pretty proud of myself for having such great will power.

I've also been approached at the gym a few times recently with people asking me what I am doing to loose weight. My answer, good ole exercise and paleo. Of course, a lot of them have never heard of it, so I tell them the basics. In case you are wondering what it's all about, here is a link to my Pinterest Board on Paleo: I've pinned some great info on there.

I am going to start posting recipes that are amazing that I've come across thus far. Some of my faves, have been almond meal and coconut crusted chicken, paleo spaghetti, chick pot pie (it was amazing!), paleo pumpkin bread, paleo chocolate chip cookies, and lots more. :)

So, if you have hit a plateau in loosing weight, want to change your eating habits, want to detox your body from all those nasty processed foods, I totally recommend paleo!

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