Monday, September 16, 2013

Meal prep, yes or no?

So, I think one of the main reasons why I have been so successful in my weight loss so far is because I do meal prep once a week for the whole week. Yes, it's time consuming, but in the end it's totally worth it. Why do I do it? Well, let me tell you.

Reason #1 why I meal prep: I know what's going into my food. I know exactly how my food is being cooked, and this is important when you are on something that has restrictions like paleo. Not to say that eating out is bad, I have gone out to eat a few times since I've started paleo, I just make sure if where I am going has options for me. If not, I suggest a place to my friends that does.

Reason #2 why I meal prep: It saves money. Who doesn't need to save money these days? What I usually do is before I grocery shop for the week, I look at the weekly circulars that come in the mail and see what's on sale. Based on that, will be my deciding factor of what my meals for the week will be. By doing this, you aren't bored with the same food since the stuff that is on sale varies weekly.

Reason #3 why I meal prep: It keeps me from giving into temptation. It's so much easier to just grab something fast to eat when you've had a long day and the last thing you want to do is cook. However, if you sacrifice a few hours out of Saturday or Sunday to cook your meals for the week, you will already have food waiting for you and won't be tempted to eat out.

There are a lot of options these days online for recipes. It even helps when you can get a friend on board with you and you guys can cook together. My cousin and I have been doing this on and off since I've started paleo, and not only do we get to make healthy delicious food, we get to spend quality time together.

If you are worried about cooking, don't be. It's definitely a creative outlet for me. I'm one of those cooks who cook without recipes. I have the luck of just being able to throw some stuff together and it come out good. But, if you aren't like that, no worries, just look up some recipes online. If you can read, you can cook! Plus once you get the hang of cooking, it gets easier.

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