Thursday, October 31, 2013

No Magic, Tricks or Fairy Dust Here

I've been getting approached a lot more lately on how I've been loosing my weight. The usual is wow, you've lost a lot of weight what are you taking or drinking?

At first, I thank them for noticing my weight loss, and then in my head I say to myself, "I'm just eating real food and getting off my butt and exercising," but I hold my tongue and answer... "I'm not taking or drinking anything, I am simply just working out and eating healthy."

It's funny how once I say that, they have some confused look on their face like I'm totally lying to them. Why is it so hard for people to believe that weight loss can be achieved with just good ole diet and exercise?

I guess it's because of how society. Everything is based on convenience, and while fad diets, wraps, supplements etc. will help you get results, they aren't a permanent solution.

Once you embrace following a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise, you results will start showing and in the long run will help you keep off that weight you worked so hard to achieve. I have definitely not regretted my decision to make a lifestyle change and do not intend on going back to those old habits of mine.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, I will have officially lost 100 lbs. It's been a crazy ride to get to this point, but I've definitely learned a lot and enjoyed the ride so far. So, stay tuned my post when I hit that awesome milestone!

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